Clean Eating

Clean Eating Gal on a Budget: Costco Haul

I’m a clean eating gal on a budget,¬†so 100% organic eating is (unfortunately) not an option for us. I do the best I can. Some foods I won’t compromise on and always buy organic (greens, chicken, and eggs), some foods I’ll go either way depending on deals (basically all fruits and veggies), and others I


Ava Anderson Update: Be Kind to Consultants

For the background story on the fall of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic please see my original blog post. As a female entrepreneur in the health and wellness education industry, I looked up to someone like Ava Anderson. I truly love all my Ava Anderson products, and use them on a daily basis. Ava has so many loyal fans and was doing


BMI Scale is a Joke.

The BMI Scale is a joke. It has inaccurately mislabeled Americans for decades, and now science is finally catching up to what many of us fitness professional have said for so long: it is a greatly flawed¬†assessment of health. Last week, LA Times reporter, Amina Kahn, wrote “a new study from UCLA finds that some

Online Fitcamp

FREE One Week Preview of Fitcamp

I am so excited to announce a one week FREE preview into my Love Yourself Towards Healthy Fitcamp! In our society, we have put too much emphasis on the scale, and have somehow made “thinness” a synonym to “beautiful.” And that’s not true at all! You are beautiful at any size. I intentionally make my¬†programs


Ava Anderson Scandal: Why It Impacts Female Entrepreneurs

When scandals happen to a company, like Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, it obviously affects customers and employees, but it also exposes industry standards and shakes entire communities, such as female entrepreneurs. Ava Anderson, the young female entrepreneur who created Ava Anderson Non-Toxic at age 14, has decided to walk away from her company. In this bizarre turn


Change Your Inner Dialogue

Positive change begins with your inner dialogue. Be kind to yourself. Encouraging to yourself. Forgiving, grateful, and loving. When we believe the devil’s lies, we start down a dark path of doubt, fear, lack of self worth, and unhealthy patterns. If you truly want change, it has to start with your inner dialogue. The inner


Evolving Your Blog Into a Business

Here are my top 4 tips for evolving your blog from an idea, into a business. Share and promote your posts! It sounds so basic, but people get nervous about sharing. Believe in your content. Even if you’re just inspiring one person; the time you have spent on your¬†blog is worth it. Just do it!

Gluten Free

Were You Recently Diagnosed With Celiac Disease?

Were you recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance, gluten allergy, or were told by a medical professional to start eating gluten-free for your health? I know how overwhelming it can be when you first receive that diagnosis! My Story After several years of taking Adderall XR for my (mis)diagnosed ADHD, I knew there had to be

Online Fitcamp

Online Fitcamp Coming January 18th!

Does holiday weight gain have you feeling out-of-control and unbalanced? Do you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of your family, responsibilities, and yourself? Is getting to a gym difficult, too expensive, or are you overwhelmed by group classes and cardio equipment? I completely understand. As women, it is exhausting trying to do


Nutrition/Fitness Certifications & Education, Oh My!

Nutrition/Fitness certifications can truly be the beginning of a fulfilling new career that can be done in the gym, or online. Considering a career in the wellness industry, but not sure where to get started? Watch my latest ‘Scope! And if you’re not on Periscope, be sure to download this awesome app and follow me


My 2016 Mantra

Happy New Year! I quickly wanted to share my mantra for the year! Be patient, kind in tone & encouraging in words.¬† Patience is a demon I have always struggled with. God is constantly testing me on patience, and it’s my most difficult challenge to overcome! I’m also working on my tone, as sometimes my

Gluten Free

Celiac Diet? Try Edamame Quinoa Rice Bowl

A Celiac diet doesn’t have to be bland or boring! A¬†Celiac diet can feel restrictive at first. The loss of gluten may seem¬†overwhelming, but I promise there are so many yummy, whole foods that are naturally gluten-free to enjoy. For my own Celiac diet, my 3 requirements for a recipe are gluten-free,¬†easy to make, and


3 Tips to Become ORGANIZED in the New Year

When people hear the word “organized” they often think of a super clean house, and while that’s certainly a small aspect of it, being organized also includes time-management, and reducing stress levels. If you feel like someone who is always going a mile a minute, overwhelmed, or that you’re always late to your appointments or


NEW ebook: Love Yourself Towards Healthy!

It’s heeeerrrrrre! (I’m saying this in my big Oprah voice!) This has been on my bucket list for quite some time now, and finally it is complete and available to you, my loyal readers! I am so excited to announce the release of my new ebook, Love Yourself Towards Healthy! This brief ebook is intended

Clean Eating

Distinction Between Cleanses & Detox

On Periscope yesterday, I spoke about the very distinct difference between cleanses and detox. I also announced my new ebook that is being published this week! To learn more, please watch the video below!        


GIVEAWAY! Figgypops & Costco

This post is sponsored by Made in Nature.  I received the product for free in exchange for a review and giveaway. The opinions expressed here are completely my own.  About 2 months ago, we decided to join Costco thanks to the growing bellies of our two boys and the recent news that Costco is now the largest


How to Set Goals You’ll Actually Accomplish

We’re a day away from the last month of 2015. What?! I can’t believe it! This year flew by. As we’re full-throttle into the holiday season now, it’s imperative that we utilize the lull of this post-Thanksgiving week, to really start formulating our goals for the new year. I intentionally stay away from the phrase



Confidence. It can be the difference between seizing an opportunity, or missing an opportunity. For me, confidence has been the difference between staying in Corporate America in a job that made me miserable and leaving to become a stay-at-home-mom. And the difference between having a piece of paper in my hand that said I was certified

Gluten Free

Turkey Tacos

I can’t remember the last time I used ground beef for tacos. We converted to ground turkey years ago, and haven’t looked back since. Not only is turkey healthier, but it’s more flavorful. We also use our own taco seasoning mix as often as possible. Most pre-made mixes have questionable ingredients and unnecessary preservatives that