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It is my mission to help chronic dieters heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image by unlearning diet culture, and finding freedom in intuitive eating.

My name is Meridith Oram and I am a Certified Health Coach specializing in behavioral change. I am the creator of Gain Wellness 5-Week Program and offer personal 1:1 fitness/nutrition consulting.

I work with women who want to stop the diet culture cycle but are scared that quitting their diet will make them unhealthy (spoiler alert: it won’t!)

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There are better ways to define good health.

There are better ways to define good health.

When deciding to take control of your health, your end goal should be unrelated to your weight or your dress size.  Your goal should be related to how good you want to feel! Feeling good can happen at all different sizes and shapes.  “Healthy” and “skinny” are not interchangeable words. You can be skinny and super healthy. You can be skinny and very ill. So ask yourself, how do you want to feel?

Shift your perspective

Your purpose in life is NOT to shrink your body through restriction, over-exercising and guilt. Your feelings of failure and disordered eating habits are a direct result of diet culture only, and NOT your fault. I teach my clients how to turn off the noise of diet culture and instead prioritize wellness (how you feel) over your appearance (how you look).

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