Diet Mentality vs Non-Diet Mentality

Imagine you’re standing in your pantry deciding what to have for a snack. Your eyes fall on a bag of cookies. “Oooh those look good!” you think to yourself. Do you eat them? Let’s find out! You will ultimately make your food selection based on if you have a diet mentality or a non-diet mentality.

Gluten Free

I Trained Him to Enable My Disordered Eating

It was around noon and we were planning to go on a family hike. I had gone upstairs to change into hiking clothes, while my husband was downstairs in the kitchen. I could hear cabinets opening and closing so I knew he was making lunches to take on the trail with us.  When I came


The Secret Behind “After” Photos

There’s often a secret looming behind those “after” photos that diet/lifestyle programs so often post to prove what amazing results others have achieved. Back when I was immersed in diet culture, I posted before/after shots on my Instagram page. I’m sorry to say I’ve even used that oh-so-cringeworthy phrasing of “the girl on the left


Order What You Actually Want

On a beautiful Fall afternoon, I went into my local Starbucks to order a grande chai tea latte to enjoy during my son’s baseball game. While standing in line, the college-aged girl socially distanced in front of me was up to order. “What has less calories: a grande pumpkin spice latte or a grande [drink


Actual Health Goals

Dieting focuses on 2 goals only: weight loss and inches lost. Both are related to altering your appearance and have nothing to do with actual health goals (despite what diet culture will tell you.) I get it. I used to think shrinking my body was the only goal that mattered too. I was able to


I Let My Diet Culture BS Impact My Kids

While I confidently practice Intuitive Eating now, I still have moments where I realize how far my recovery has come. And how much I let my diet culture BS impact my kids. Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I had Oreos on my list (which had already been a huge win for me & my family

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Signs You’re a Chronic Dieter

Below are 10 signs you’re a chronic dieter. If you do 1 or more of these things, you’re likely a chronic dieter. If you do more than 2 of these things, please consider professional help from a Registered Dietitian or Certified Health Coach (like me) educated in anti-diet and HAES to help you heal your


What Does Recovering from Chronic Dieting Look Like?

While the path and journey of recovering from chronic dieting look different for everyone, it ultimately comes down to loving yourself towards healthy instead of hating yourself towards skinny. And what that really means is not depriving yourself of food or using fitness as punishment for what you ate (or what you’re about to eat.)


What is Intuitive Eating?

If diets didn’t exist, intuitive eating would just be called ‘eating.’ But because diet culture does exist, we’ve normalized disordered eating behaviors (such as calorie counting, macro tracking, restriction, labeling foods as “good” or “bad,” etc.) And so once we realize diet culture doesn’t serve us well, we have to unlearn it all, and then

Ditch the Diet & Gain Wellness Blog

Ditch Diet Culture & Gain Wellness

I am so excited to announce the launch of my new twice-monthly newsletter, ‘Ditch the Diet & Gain Wellness’! I feel more passionate than ever on encouraging women to love themselves towards healthy, and a newsletter felt like the best way to educate and keep in touch with those who are looking to ditch diet


Why I Stopped Tracking Macros

For several years, I tracked my macros in MyFitnessPal based on daily gram goals I set for protein, fat and carbohydrates. Why? I believed cycling my carbs (some days were under 50g net carbs while some days I ate over 200g carbs) and pairing my workouts to my nutrition would result in fat loss and


Day 1 – Lower Your Standards

Forget a moment about needing workouts, diets, and homeschooling from a perfectly clean house. Are your basic needs being met? If you’re someone who’s used to operating at full speed to crush goals and be all the things to all the people, that’s likely not sustainable during this crazy time of quarantine. In Part 1


Strength and Stamina versus Weight and Size

Years ago, I used to be obsessed with the bathroom scale. At my lowest point, I’d step on it at least twice per day. In recent years, I had broken that self-defeating habit, but it still had a pull on me and could determine my mood for the day. When we moved in January, I


Office Desk Drawer Staples to Meet Your Macros

Ah the glamorous life of the work-from-office mom…run around like a complete crazy person every morning getting everybody dressed, fed, lunches packed, backpacks ready, you presentable, coffee poured, temper-tantrum calmed, and, and, and… It’s no wonder that we’re the first to ignore our needs to get everybody else out the door! A lot of the

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Less-Mess Crispy Chicken Thighs

There are a few delicious recipes for crispy chicken thighs from well-known paleo bloggers like StupidEasyPaleo and NomNomPaleo. Only problem? It makes such a mess of your stove top even with a splatter screen! My family loved the bacon-like taste of the crispy skin, but did not enjoy the clean up or the feel of

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Egg & Veggie Cups

Mondays and Tuesdays are low carb days for those of us on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, and I find that those are the days that I need meal planning more than any other. And, being that it falls at the beginning of the week, I’m in even more need for a grab-and-go option


Gluten-Free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffins

With Labor Day Weekend complete and the kids back in school, I am so ready to trade out bathing suits and flip flops for cozy sweaters and tall riding boots. Fall is my favorite season of the year but in recent years, it seems to only last a mere 2 weeks when the humidity finally

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Grain-Free Meatballs (Whole30 Friendly!)

Post-vacation and mid-summer, I love to spend a few weeks being grain-free. It helps me get back on track, significantly reduce bloat from wine and ice cream, heal my gut from the higher likelihood of gluten cross-contamination from eating out more, and—probably my favorite benefit—clears my brain fog (which is my #1 symptom of Celiac

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Do Celiacs Need Prebiotics & Probiotics?

Celiac Disease is an autoimmune disease that damages the small intestine when gluten is ingested. Celiacs can experience a vast array of symptoms, including GI issues, brain fog, mood swings, and joint pain. Celiac Disease is often associated with “leaky gut” and those of us with Celiac Disease are commonly told by doctors that we need