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Carb Cycling or How I Finally Found Food Freedom

It was Spring 2016. I was deeply immersed in Below the Fork and determined to be a successful entrepreneur. All my fellow¬†online health coaches were touting the latest “diet” craze: carb cycling. I joined free webinars, read various blog posts, watched tons of Periscope videos, and purchased books by Yuri Elkaim, and Chris & Heidi

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2-Week Carb Cycling Course

You’ve been eating clean and working out, but your¬†results have come to a halt. You’ve been closing all the rings on your Apple Watch most days but your truth pants are feeling a bit snug. Mentally, you feel like you’re finally loving yourself towards healthy but it would still be nice if the scale could

Grainless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Gluten Free

Grainless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

With my carb-cycling program, I am always on the lookout for recipes with high protein and quality carbohydrates. So when my friend, Sue Parke of Sparke Fitness, introduced me to this recipe from PopSugar Fitness for Vegan Nice Cream Sandwiches, I was immediately intrigued with using chickpeas as the dough base for grainless peanut butter


Gelatin Benefits for Celiacs & Autoimmune Diseases

Gelatin benefits our gut health, digestion, skin, and muscles but unfortunately gelatin has gotten a bad rap over the years thanks to JELL-O, which completely over-engineered a junky version of it and then added dyes and¬†chemicals. What is Gelatin? Gelatin is a powdered form of collagen which¬†is created by “isolating and dehydrating parts of animals,

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Truth Pants, Not Scale

Truth Pants are a pair of your favorite jeans (or any pant with a button and zipper) that you feel great in and are sized in your comfort weight zone. Truth Pants are the barometer of if you’ve lost some inches, gained some inches, or are spot on to where you feel healthy. Truth Pants

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FREE Wellness Community

Ladies, let’s focus on the positive & uplift each other! I am so excited to announce the¬†launch of¬†my¬†FREE¬†wellness community to empower, educate & encourage you to love yourself towards healthy! The Love Yourself Towards Healthy Community¬†is a¬†private group¬†for women to find encouragement, build confidence, learn wellness tips & tricks, and, most importantly, embrace God’s love


3 Unexpected Ways You’re Getting Hurt at the Gym

You know that nagging injury you got, but you have no idea how? You might chalk it up to sleeping wrong, or getting old, or maybe it was during that intense fitness class you took last week. Or maybe, it’s from one of these 3 unexpected ways you’re getting hurt at the gym. For the

Avenir Essential Oils Product Review

Product Review: Avenir Essential Oils

This post is sponsored by Avenir Oils.  I received compensation and 4 bottles of essential oils (lemon, orange, and 2 lavender) for free in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed here are completely my own.  For over 2 years now, I have been an avid fan of using essential oils. I diffuse them in my


What’s as Good as Perfect?

Perfect? The only thing that is perfect is God’s love for us. Otherwise there is no such thing as perfect! Where we can achieve some level of perfection—something that is as good as perfect in our fitness and nutrition plans—is by having the self-awareness and confidence to identify an unhealthy habit, learn from it, and

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Week 2 Breakfast Cookies

My breakfast “cookies” may seem like an unhealthy treat in title, but they’re actually a nutritious¬†dose of complex carbs in a convenient little package. For those who dislike smoothies and shakes, these breakfast cookies are the simple solution¬†for those crazy, get-out-of-the-house-quick mornings! Week 2 of my Love Yourself Towards Healthy Fitcamp re-introduces oats and quinoa


Feeding Local Families with Produce for Kids

Feeding local families in need is often something we don’t consider. If you’re in a small, safe town in the suburbs, like me, we often think about hunger in other countries or “bad” inner cities that may not even be in our state. However, hunger is happening a lot closer to home than you may

Product Review

Product Review: Shakeology vs Garden of Life

Shakeology has intrigued me for years. I’ve had some friends swear by it, and I respect many Beachbody coaches who sell it as a component of their online wellness business. Garden of Life, on the other hand, I’ve passed by a few times at Whole Foods Market, but never really thought twice about until this past week

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Fitcamp Launching Monday, May 2

Most of us¬†want¬†to live healthy lives, but it‚Äôs a concern of time and/or money. Maybe you’ve tried quick fixes or diet plans before, and felt like a failure when you couldn’t maintain your weight loss beyond a short period of time. Long-lasting results don’t come from quick fixes though. It is my goal to help


Naptime Pilates #FitTipFriday

Naptime is the best time to sneak some fitness in, am I right mamas?! And Pilates is one of the best methods of exercise¬†to tighten and tone in a small space with no equipment. As I’m getting ready to launch another round of my¬†Love Yourself Towards Healthy Online Fitcamp on Monday, May 2nd, I’m filming


Why Weight Loss Is Not a Good Enough Goal

Weight loss. One of the most, if not THE most, common goal women have when starting a fitness and nutrition program is weight loss. I talk to potential new clients all the time who tell me they’re reaching out to me because they want to lose weight. I will never accept “weight loss” as a

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Gluten Intolerance: What You Need to Know

Gluten Intolerance, or Gluten Sensitivity, is often dismissed as a made-up label someone gives themselves when they prefer to eat gluten-free. Most restaurants have made a noticeable attempt to prepare safe food for those with Celiac Disease, but there still seems to be this lingering skepticism for those stating they have a Gluten Intolerance. Is it because celebrities and


What is a Certified Health Coach?

A Certified Health Coach is someone who has successfully passed a nationally-recognized board exam after completing an extensive study in nutrition, fitness, weight management, behavioral science, and stress management. For me, there was no doubt in my mind that I would need to become a certified health coach in order to provide the best services to my

clean_eating_defined Clean Eating

Clean Eating Defined

What is clean eating? Which foods fall in the ‘clean eating’ category? Clients often ask me to define specifically what clean eating is; however, I believe the definition of clean eating¬†is slightly different for everyone. Broad Definition of¬†Clean Eating At the foundation, clean eating is God-made foods: Vegetables Fruit Nuts (including nut butters IF it‚Äôs


5 Steps to Finding the Best Coach

Sometimes people choose a fitness program, a mentorship program, or a business coach because they see it’s worked for other people. That girl lost 10 lbs so I will too!¬†That’s not to say you won’t be successful, but here is my 5 step process for finding a coach who meets your needs, and¬†why who YOU

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Utilizing Instagram in Your Health Journey

Recent studies have shown that sharing your health goals on social media, especially Instagram, can help you create¬†accountability and be more successful in achieving your goals. When you’re accountable to only yourself, you may be more likely to lose motivation. Here are some ways to utilize Instagram in your Health Journey 1. Create a new