Gain Wellness Workbook is your 35 day guide to lose the diet and transition to intuitive eating

Gain Wellness Workbook

35 Days to Lose the Diet and Gain Wellness

Diets suck. But the thought of gaining weight sucks too. You feel stuck. Intuitive eating feels like way too big of a leap. It feels extreme and polar opposite to what you’ve always done. Yet the thought of another freakin’ diet or lifestyle sounds awful. But you can’t gain weight… AHHH! You just want to be healthy! Why is this so hard?!

I have the solution for you.

I created the Gain Wellness Workbook because I was you. And I was trapped in that same transitional phase between dieting and intuitive eating for waaaaay too long. This workbook is the resource I wish I had during that time.

The Gain Wellness Workbook is an introductory course. If you’re even lightly considering intuitive eating, you need this 35-day guide to decide if healing your relationship with food is worth pursuing. In just 35 days, you will be able to see diet culture for what it is and redefine what wellness actually feels like in your body. You will walk away from this program with action items and a plan to start implementing healthy behaviors in your life…without a diet!

When you feel your best, you can give your best.

This is the course you NEED if you’ve done so many diets over the years, but still feel unhealthy. Your purchase includes a 46-page digital journal, as well as weekly coach support from me via email throughout your 35-day journey!

  • Upon purchase, your digital workbook will be sent to your provided email address for you to download.

After 35 days of journaling and goal setting, you will be able to:

  • Prioritize balanced wellness (feeling good) over appearance (losing weight)
  • Evaluate how your current health behaviors are helping or hurting you
  • Identify and learn my #1 approach to overcome the negative self-talk that has been holding you back for far too long
  • Trust that only YOU are the authority of your body
  • Know for certain if intuitive eating will be the right journey for you

Gain Wellness clients learn the true meaning of wellness. And take back control of their health.

I’ve seen firsthand the AMAZING progress my clients experience during this 5-week time period! They go on to become confident Intuitive Eaters who heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image.

“Thank you for this program. This was one of the best investments in myself I have ever made.”

I have to tell you this program has been a game changer for me.  You are a great teacher.  I have never thought of my wellness as anything more than how I feel and how much I weigh.  There is so much more to this journey… I do feel hopeful for the first time about my weight, outlook and my wellness.

“I feel like I finally have permission to love my body.”

“Thank you for all this information and for reminding me it’s about me and my health and feeling comfortable with the choices I make.”

Gain Wellness has challenged me to re-examine all facets of my well-being instead of just taking the physical approach and focusing on what my body looks like. Meridith’s prompts are insightful and objective. She really cares and puts her all into the group and continues to practice what she preaches. I value authenticity and vulnerability and she and her program encourage both of these traits. I recommend it to anyone wanting to dig deeper as to “why” nothing else has worked for them long term.