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Is carb cycling restricting your potential?

You feel like you have food freedom with carb cycling. It’s so much freer and way less restricting than that awful time you did Whole30. You love that you can eat whatever you want…as long as it fits your macros. But that “as long as” part gets you into trouble a lot, doesn’t it? It makes macro counting not quite as easy as you make it sound to others.

In fact, unless you’re incredibly diligent about pre-planning your macros in MyFitnessPal or following the provided meal plan, you feel pretty anxious around food. You’re met with a lot of guilt if you exceed your macro goals. Like that time last week when you freaked out because the dinner you planned to order wasn’t available so you ended up going waaaay over on fat grams.

That’s because you’re still at the mercy of a limitation. A defined gram goal to be met. A rule where you pass if you eat the correct amount of carb grams. But fail if you exceed your fat limit.

Pass/Fail is designed to make you feel Good/Bad. Confident/Anxious. In-control/Out-of-control. And with 3 meals a day, that’s 3 opportunities EVERY day to feel like a failure.

How constant feelings of guilt around food is restricting your potential.

I remember that feeling so very vividly. Of frantically playing macro Tetris so I could fit in the food I really wanted. But then screwing myself over on the dinner I already had planned out in MyFitnessPal. Going to bed, feeling like a failure, whispering to myself “progress; not perfection,” and promising to do better tomorrow.

Now that I’ve stopped carb cycling and have been a (much healthier) intuitive eater for some time now, I can recognize the deep damage frequent guilt and failure caused me. I can see that carb cycling constantly set me up for failure with food. So I felt like I couldn’t be trusted on my own. And that broke away pieces of my confidence.

Those feelings of guilt and failure cannot be restricted to just food. When you feel failure frequently, that heaviness spills out to your self-esteem, career, parenting, marriage and relationships.

But when you learn to be an intuitive eater, you learn to be an intuitive person. And intuitive people confidently know their value & worth because they have so much self-trust.

If you’re ready to finally give up those constant feelings of pass/fail and yay/guilt whenever you eat, I’m here to help you. Schedule a free 15-minute phone call with me so we can brainstorm together.

Meridith Oram is an anti-diet nutritionist at Love Yourself Towards Healthy where she helps chronic dieters heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image by ditching diet culture and finding freedom in their God-given intuition. Focusing on behavioral change and Intuitive Eating, Meridith helps her clients unlearn diet culture, stop negative self-talk and set wellness goals---not appearance goals. Follow Meridith at @loveyourself2healthy on all social channels.

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