Why Losing Weight Won’t Help Your Body Image

You think losing weight is going to fix how you feel about your body image. But it won’t. Sure, that initial rise of excitement when you zip up those smaller-sized pants can dupe you for a moment or two. But then it’s quickly deflated when you think about ALL the effort it took to get


Triggered by Anti-Diet & Intuitive Eating Posts?

You’re angry at yourself. Once again, the pants don’t fit. Once again, the scale is showing a higher number. Once again, you’ll have to restart that diet. You ignore your hunger by scrolling through social media. You stumble upon an anti-diet post saying that Intuitive Eating is unlearning diet culture and reconnecting with our intuition,


Facts to Combat Diet Culture in 2021

As diet culture is preparing to launch their new rounds and tired programs in January 2021, consider how misguided and shameful their messaging is. Diet ads and fitness influencers will not only rely on their old “you’re fat and lazy” standbys. But this year will add in the shame of quarantine weight gain as well.


3 Truths That Freed Me from Diet Culture

I knew diet culture was hurting my health, but I didn’t know what else to do. I just remember feeling so stuck. Part of me was ready to walk away from the significant amount of effort and brain space it took to micromanage my food and sustain my fat loss. While the other side of


Wins in Disordered Eating Recovery

There are so many goals to set and wins to celebrate in disordered eating recovery. When you’re doing the important work of un-learning diet culture and healing your relationship with food, fitness and body image, you are able to reconnect with your God-given intuition and achieve so much more for your health. The trajectory of

How to delete MyFitnessPal (or other food tracking apps) blog featured photo Blog

3 Ways to Ween Off MyFitnessPal Food Tracking App

Weening off (and finally deleting) MyFitnessPal food tracking app was the HARDEST part of my intuitive eating journey. But realizing the extent of my obsession with it made me fully accept that I had an eating disorder. Even after I stopped carb cycling, I would come up with every excuse as to why I needed

A mythical creature holding a heart with "intuitive eating" written on it to represent the myths of IE. Blog

4 Myths About Intuitive Eating

There’s a lot of myths out there about Intuitive Eating. Most are perpetuated by diet culture—often as a scare tactic so you purchase their product or program—or healthcare professionals (including personal trainers, nutritionists, registered dietitians, and doctors) because they truly don’t know any better. They themselves are so deeply entrenched in diet culture, they can’t

When is stress eating okay? And when does is it a signal you need help? Blog

Is Stress Eating Ever Okay?

Did you stress eat or emotionally eat last week? Congratulations—you’re normal! Instead of feeling disappointed in yourself though, you should thank yourself for wanting your values to be represented in the White House so much that it affected you emotionally.  Let’s unpack what stress eating (or emotional eating) is, when it’s okay and when it’s a signal

Stuck on the fence? How to get over the green pastures of food freedom. Blog

5 Signs You’re Stuck Between Dieting and Food Freedom

There’s a frustrating, murky middle between dieting and food freedom. I believe the majority of chronic dieters must past through this low valley before they can begin their intuitive eating journey. I remember how scared I was to give up carb cycling and intermittent fasting. Part of me was so ready to walk away from

Eat by time; not by hunger. Blog

Intermittent Fasting Destroyed My Hunger Cues

2 years of Intermittent Fasting destroyed my hunger cues. I would drown my morning hunger in coffee and collagen peptides (50 calories or less!) for such a long time that when I made the conscious decision to stop intermittent fasting, it was REALLY hard. The hardest part of becoming an intuitive eater, if I’m really

diet mentality vs non-diet mentality breakdown of questions to ask yourself. Blog

Diet Mentality vs Non-Diet Mentality

Imagine you’re standing in your pantry deciding what to have for a snack. Your eyes fall on a bag of cookies. “Oooh those look good!” you think to yourself. Do you eat them? Let’s find out! You will ultimately make your food selection based on if you have a diet mentality or a non-diet mentality.

The truth about before/after photos. Blog

The Secret Behind “After” Photos

There’s often a secret looming behind those “after” photos that diet/lifestyle programs so often post to prove what amazing results others have achieved. Back when I was immersed in diet culture, I posted before/after shots on my Instagram page. I’m sorry to say I’ve even used that oh-so-cringeworthy phrasing of “the girl on the left

You can order whatever food you want when you go out to a restaurant or order takeout Blog

Order What You Actually Want

On a beautiful Fall afternoon, I went into my local Starbucks to order a grande chai tea latte to enjoy during my son’s baseball game. While standing in line, the college-aged girl socially distanced in front of me was up to order. “What has less calories: a grande pumpkin spice latte or a grande [drink

All 6 facets of wellness must be balanced. Weight loss does not automatically mean good health. Blog

Actual Health Goals

Dieting focuses on two goals only: weight loss and inches lost. Both are related to altering your appearance and have nothing to do with actual health goals (despite what diet culture will tell you.) I get it. I used to think shrinking my body was the only goal that mattered too. I was able to


I Let My Diet Culture BS Impact My Kids

While I confidently practice Intuitive Eating now, I still have moments where I realize how far my recovery has come. And how much I let my diet culture BS impact my kids. Yesterday I went grocery shopping. I had Oreos on my list (which had already been a huge win for me & my family


What Does Recovering from Chronic Dieting Look Like?

While the path and journey of recovering from chronic dieting look different for everyone, it ultimately comes down to loving yourself towards healthy instead of hating yourself towards skinny. And what that really means is not depriving yourself of food or using fitness as punishment for what you ate (or what you’re about to eat.)


What is Intuitive Eating?

If diets didn’t exist, intuitive eating would just be called ‘eating.’ But because diet culture does exist, we’ve normalized disordered eating behaviors (such as calorie counting, macro tracking, restriction, labeling foods as “good” or “bad,” etc.) And so once we realize diet culture doesn’t serve us well, we have to unlearn it all, and then