Woman working at her desk pretending everything is okay when really her toxic workplace is making her unhealthy. Blog

Is Your Job Making You Unhealthy?

No one talks enough about how much your job can be making you unhealthy. It’s frequently not the work itself, but the managers and colleagues you are exposed to 8+ hours of your day. We often think it needs to be some extreme, cutthroat environment before we’re allowed to call out our jobs as the


Forward Focus

I’m done wallowing in frustration and disappointment that my body failed to carry our third child. I considered writing a big, long blog post about that, but I’m not going to do it. No words exist to properly explain it to someone who has never been through it and anyone who has suffered a miscarriage

Healthy Living

Deceptions of the Scale

It’s so easy to get scale obsessed and calorie counting obsessed. I can fall into that vicious pattern too and even have gone through periods in the past where I’ve put my scale in a closet for several months. It’s the main reason why I can’t do programs like Weight Watchers where your weekly weight