Diet-Free Academy

You want the guilt, shame and rules around food to stop infiltrating your thoughts.

You want to be able to spontaneously walk into a restaurant, look at the menu for the first time, and confidently order the precise items that sound the most delicious to you. Without hesitation. Without promising yourself that you’ll restart your diet tomorrow. And without trading it off for an intense workout later. You want to freely enjoy each bite, stop once you’re satisfied, and feel energized the rest of the day.

Are you ready to wave the white flag & declare enough is enough on dieting?

After years of hating yourself towards skinny, you no longer want to be a slave to counting calories and following diet rules. You’re exhausted after years (decades?) of micromanaging your food in hopes of losing weight. And even though a part of you is still hoping for weight loss, you’ve realized the desire to heal your relationship with food, fitness and body image is so much stronger.

You are ready to quit dieting and start trusting your God-given intuition…but it’s scary to do it on your own. You need direction, guidance, and assurance that you’re taking the right path to food freedom.

Diet-Free Academy is where you will learn to trust yourself around food & appreciate your body.

Diet-Free Academy is a 12-week group program for chronic dieters who want to start living an intuitively healthy life that doesn’t involve food guilt or following someone else’s rules. We will work together to identify the limiting beliefs and behaviors that have been hurting your health. Dramatically increase your self-awareness so you can develop new behaviors that actually serve your mind & body. And build trust with your God-given intuition so you can feel capable, confident and free.

Using the proven method I’ve successfully applied to all of my 1:1 clients, I created this group program for those who want my blueprint for healing their relationship with food, fitness and body image. And want it with community support and group coaching.

Diet-Free Academy is for you if:

  • You want to keep any food in your fridge/pantry without fear of mindlessly overeating it.
  • You want to listen to your own body’s cues and honor its needs.
  • You want healthy coping mechanisms so you can start appreciating yourself and your body.
  • You want to do the work in a group setting with a supportive community of women who are going through the same process, at the same time, as you.
  • You’d love to work with me 1:1 but you need a more affordable option.
  • You’ve completed Gain Wellness and you’re ready to graduate to the next level of freedom (Gain Wellness is not a pre-requisite though).

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The goal of Diet-Free Academy is to heal your relationship with food, fitness and body image. After 12 weeks, you will be able to:

  • Listen to your body’s cues and honor its needs.
  • Trust all foods fit.
  • Understand your body was never the problem. Diet culture is the problem.
  • Apply coping tools to immediately stop negative self-talk.
  • Feel capable, confident and free around food.
  • Respect and appreciate your body—no matter your size or weight.
  • Eat intuitively and love yourself towards healthy.

How The Program Works

Each week, we will focus on one of twelve modules. Independently, you will complete all the lessons within that module on your own. Together, we will support one another daily in our private chat group, and collectively meet once a week on Zoom for live coaching.

Diet-Free Academy Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1: Gain Wellness
    • Welcome & Intro to Diet-Free Academy
    • Get Angry at Diet Culture
    • Prioritize Your Mental Health
    • You Are a Person; Not a Body
    • Find Motivation at Rock Bottom
    • Silence Your Inner Critic
  • Module 2: Reject the Diet Mentality
    • Recognizing the Damage Dieting Causes
    • Traits & Tools of a Chronic Dieter
    • The Diet Mentality
    • The Non-Diet Mentality
    • Internal vs External Cues
  • Module 3: Honor Your Hunger
    • Famine & Feast aka Restrict & Binge
    • Hunger Triggers
    • Get to Know Your Hunger
    • Honoring Your Hunger
  • Module 4: Make Peace with Food
    • What Are Cravings? (And Are They bad?)
    • Rebound Eating: Result of Restriction
    • Why There Can’t Be Rules
    • Neutralizing Food
    • Unconditional Permission to Eat
    • Fear Can Hold You Back
    • Actively Make Peace with Food
  • Module 5: Challenge the Food Police
    • Destructive Voices of Dieting
    • Intuitive Voices
    • Wedding Invitation!
    • Thought – Feeling – Behavior
    • Thoughts to Challenge
  • Module 6: Discover the Satisfaction Factor
    • A Goal of Healthy Living
    • Fear of Pleasurable Food
    • Diet Mentality Check In
    • Satisfied Now, Content Later
    • More Than the Food
    • Don’t Settle
  • Module 7: Feel Your Fullness
    • Why We Lose Touch with Fullness Cues
    • What is Fullness?
    • Feeling Our Fullness
    • Over-Eating is a Data Point
    • Fullness Factors
    • Foods with Staying Power
  • Module 8: Cope with Kindness
    • Psychology Behind Dieting
    • Continuum of Emotional Eating
    • Emotional Triggers
    • Coping with Emotional Eating
    • False Sense of Control
    • Meeting Your Needs with Kindness
  • Module 9: Joyful Movement
    • History of Exercise & Diet Culture
    • Reasons Exercise Feels Hard
    • Decoupling Exercise from Weight Loss
    • Neutralize Movement
    • Focus on How It Feels
    • 4 Mindset Shifts
  • Module 10: Body Image Work
    • Unrealistic Expectations
    • Reasons We Struggle with Body Image
    • Body Grieving
    • Basic Body Respect
    • How to Respect Your Body
    • Your Set Point Weight
  • Module 11: Gentle Nutrition
    • Nutrition in Perspective
    • Macros & Micronutrients
    • What Is Healthy Eating?
    • Hunger, Fullness, Satiety & Joy
  • Module 12: Love Yourself Towards Healthy
    • Healing Your Relationship with Food, Fitness & Body Image

Meridith Oram is a Certified Nutritionist and Certified Health Coach with additional NCCA-accredited certifications in Behavioral Cognitive Change and Group Fitness. Along with a massage therapy license and a BA in Communications from Villanova University, she has been trained to approach wellness from a holistic and full-body perspective. Through 1:1 and group sessions, she helps chronic dieters heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image.