Monthly Membership Community for women who have completed Diet-Free Academy or 1:1 Nutrition Counseling with Anti-Diet Nutritionist Meridith Oram

Diet-Free Living Membership

Diet-Free Living Membership is where you will continue to make significant growth between who you used to be as a dieter. And who you are now as an intuitive eater committed to increasing self-trust and confidence through diet-free living. Be surrounded by a growing community of women who are also dedicated to continuing the healing process. While receiving ongoing support, encouragement and coaching from Anti-Diet Nutritionist, Meridith Oram.

This community was intentionally designed to help you maintain your recovery from years of dieting. My programs are 12-weeks long but the journey of loving yourself towards healthy is lifelong. There is no right or wrong timeframe to becoming more confident in your wellness. By staying close to those who are also healing from years of dieting, you’ll have the support you need to refresh your mindset, grow your self-trust and prioritize your mental health.

My goal for this community is to focus on topics that improve your overall wellness. I hope to bring in guest speakers, such as therapists/psychologists, mindset coaches, financial planners, anti-diet fitness trainers. Experts who will help us to live our best, healthiest lives. Diet-free.

For $30/month, Diet-Free Living Members receive:

  • 2-3 live video sessions per month including occasional guest speakers
  • Daily group coaching chat
  • On-going education & support for diet-free living
  • Discounted a la carte 1:1 coaching calls with Meridith (optional)

Diet-Free Living Membership is open to anyone who has graduated from Diet-Free Academy or has completed at least 8 sessions of their 12-week 1:1 nutrition counseling package with Meridith Oram. You must have a Facebook account to participate in this membership program. If you have completed another intensive intuitive eating program, please reach out to me to apply for consideration.

Diet-Free Living Membership

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Auto-billed monthly based on date of purchase. Membership can be cancelled at any time prior to 3 days before the next month’s charge. Prorating not available at this time.