Diet-Free Living Podcast with Meridith Oram

Diet-Free Living Podcast

Listen to the latest episodes of the Diet-Free Living podcast with Meridith Oram!

Pop in your headphones, fire up your favorite podcast platform, and let’s chat about how to heal from years of dieting so you can live a diet-free life. The inspiration and goal of these podcast episodes is to help open your eyes to the reality of dieting while empowering you to reclaim your self-trust and confidence through diet-free living.

Each week we’ll talk about topics like:

  • How to heal your relationship with food, fitness and yourself
  • Intuitive Eating
  • Positive mindset refresh
  • Body image and body appreciation
  • Prioritizing your overall wellness with the 6 facets of wellness (mental, emotional, social, environmental, spiritual and physical health)
  • Finding joy in movement
  • Reality of dieting and how it causes self-doubt and lack of confidence
  • …and so much more!

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