What Clients Are Saying

“Meridith brings an incredible wealth of knowledge to her programs as a health coach with a diverse background. I can’t recommend the experience of working with her enough. The multidisciplinary approach she brings with her experience in the areas of fitness, nutrition, mindset, and emotional/spiritual health is awesome. I have always felt seen and respected in whatever season I am in in my life as a member of her communities.”

“Gain Wellness has been eye opening for me. I never realized how all these facets need to be in sync for wellness. I have learned so much about myself throughout this program. I know I will approach my health and wellbeing in a much different way. I realize that my health is more important than the number on the scale or how may steps I have taken. I have felt more content and happy over the last three weeks than I have in a long time. I will be kinder to myself and more patient with the goals I set. I am so glad I found Meredith’s program. It is just what I needed.”

“I wish the program [Gain Wellness] was longer. I would love to keep learning.”