Introduction to Gluten-Free Lifestyle

A gluten-free lifestyle?! I know how overwhelming it is when you first get that diagnosis. There’s a mixture of relief for finally discovering what’s wrong with you, but there’s also a grieving period for all the foods you can no longer eat.

I wasn’t always living a gluten-free lifestyle

After several years of taking Adderall XR for my (mis)diagnosed ADHD, I knew there had to be a better way than being co-dependent on a drug the rest of my life. Through deep investigations of my own, medical testing, and discussions with my doctor, I began a new venture of a gluten-free lifestyle. Within one week of removing gluten from my diet, the prescribed Adderall I had been taking for years became so intensely powerful that I stopped taking it; cold turkey. Turns out I never had ADHD, and it was just one of the many ways gluten negatively impacts my body. Since starting a gluten-free lifestyle, I no longer have daily 5 lb weight fluctuations, major bloat, indigestion, migraines, dry eyes, itchy skin, and several other Celiac symptoms.

Were you recently told you need to start a gluten-free lifestyle?

If you have just been diagnosed with Celiac Disease, an autoimmune disease, ADHD, or have another medical reason for needing to begin a gluten-free lifestyle, I can walk you through this confusing and overwhelming time. It is my goal to help you feel confident in your new lifestyle.

Why do it alone? Work with a wellness professional.

I would love to chat with you on a FREE 20 minute consult to see if the Introduction to a Gluten-Free Lifestyle program is the right fit for you. We can meet in-person, or via FaceTime or Zoom. Fill out this contact form below so I can learn more about you and your diagnosis.

Each session of the gluten-free lifestyle is currently on sale at $50 per session. Lock in this Summer before prices increase!