Avenir Essential Oils Product Review

Product Review: Avenir Essential Oils

This post is sponsored by Avenir Oils.  I received compensation and 4 bottles of essential oils (lemon, orange, and 2 lavender) for free in exchange for a review. The opinions expressed here are completely my own.  For over 2 years now, I have been an avid fan of using essential oils. I diffuse them in my


Feeding Local Families with Produce for Kids

Feeding local families in need is often something we don’t consider. If you’re in a small, safe town in the suburbs, like me, we often think about hunger in other countries or “bad” inner cities that may not even be in our state. However, hunger is happening a lot closer to home than you may

Product Review

Product Review: Shakeology vs Garden of Life

Shakeology has intrigued me for years. I’ve had some friends swear by it, and I respect many Beachbody coaches who sell it as a component of their online wellness business. Garden of Life, on the other hand, I’ve passed by a few times at Whole Foods Market, but never really thought twice about until this past week

Clean Eating

Clean Eating Gal on a Budget: Costco Haul

I’m a clean eating gal on a budget,¬†so 100% organic eating is (unfortunately) not an option for us. I do the best I can. Some foods I won’t compromise on and always buy organic (greens, chicken, and eggs), some foods I’ll go either way depending on deals (basically all fruits and veggies), and others I


Ava Anderson Update: Be Kind to Consultants

For the background story on the fall of Ava Anderson Non-Toxic please see my original blog post. As a female entrepreneur in the health and wellness education industry, I looked up to someone like Ava Anderson. I truly love all my Ava Anderson products, and use them on a daily basis. Ava has so many loyal fans and was doing


Ava Anderson Scandal: Why It Impacts Female Entrepreneurs

When scandals happen to a company, like Ava Anderson Non-Toxic, it obviously affects customers and employees, but it also exposes industry standards and shakes entire communities, such as female entrepreneurs. Ava Anderson, the young female entrepreneur who created Ava Anderson Non-Toxic at age 14, has decided to walk away from her company. In this bizarre turn

Gluten Free

Celiac Diet? Try Edamame Quinoa Rice Bowl

A Celiac diet doesn’t have to be bland or boring! A¬†Celiac diet can feel restrictive at first. The loss of gluten may seem¬†overwhelming, but I promise there are so many yummy, whole foods that are naturally gluten-free to enjoy. For my own Celiac diet, my 3 requirements for a recipe are gluten-free,¬†easy to make, and

Clean Eating

Watermelon Strawberry Cucumber Juice

“When you consume sugar naturally—that is, in fruit—you’re getting the fiber you need to mitigate the effects. Am I worried about fruit? No. Am I worried about fruit juice? Oh, you bet. Because when you take the fiber out, you might as well be drinking a Coke.” –Fed Up. Fed Up is a MUST watch documentary

Gluten Free

Almond Pesto & Chicken on Zoodles

For the past two weeks I’ve been singing “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!” No, it’s not Christmas, but it’s an even better time of year—when the grass is green, the tulips are blooming, my patio furniture comes out, and the kids are running around outside! Another reason I absolutely love this time

Clean Eating

Colorful Smoothies

The very base of every healthy smoothie is greens; such as kale, baby spinach, and/or Swiss chard. What happens too often though, is when the green mixes with the reds, blues, and purples of other fruit mix-ins, the result is an unappetizing grayish, thick liquid that sends any discerning child running in the other direction.

Gluten Free

Homemade GF Granola

I attempted to make homemade granola once before. I literally set off the smoke detector. And because we have The Nest, it texted a message to my husband at work that there was “smoke detected in the kitchen.” Thanks for telling on me, Nest. Today I was inspired to try making my own granola again


Product Review: Squeez’Ems

I’m keen on making homemade baby food for my 9 month old, but as with all my cooking adventures, I like things simple, quick, and healthy. ¬†Thanks to my NutriBullet, D has unintentionally been on a raw foods diet. Why bake, boil, and cook when I can just make a greens- and fruit-packed smoothie, thicken

Gluten Free

Pumpkin Quinoa

Quinoa is a fantastic canvas for almost everything in your spice cabinet and produce haul. I have a lot of fun throwing in a variety of ingredients on a whim and tonight was no different. I’ve had this can of Trader Joe’s organic pumpkin taking up precious cabinet space for months and I finally was

Gluten Free

Overnight Oats

I wasn’t going to bother posting overnight oats¬†on my blog since I figured so many others have before me, and it’s by no means my own recipe or creation. However, when I posted a photo of it on my¬†Instagram last week, I received so many great questions and comments about this tasty breakfast, I realized

Gluten Free

Brinner Bowls

I just made THE most delicious dinner I have arguably ever made. I went so rogue on the original recipe that I’ve struggled to¬†come up with a name for it, but my husband recommended “Mishmash Kickass” or more specifically, “Awesome. Just Call It Awesome.” I have decided¬†to go with the elusive “Brinner Bowl” because it’s


Nutiva Coconut Oil: New Look

Heads up! Nutiva, my favorite (and the best), coconut oil got a new label design. Look for this packaging now!!! And if you’re using a different brand, make sure it is organic, unrefined and cold-pressed. That “medium heat for cooking” one is cheaper because it’s over-processed!

Healthy Living

In-Season Produce for May

I love this list I’m re-posting, from Produce for Kids, of fruits and veggies that are in-season in May. This means the prices—including organic!—are at their lowest this time of year! Buy extra berries and freeze for smoothies later this year. Spread berries out on a cookie sheet so that none are touching each other;

Gluten Free

Awesome Sauce Applesauce

I’ve been introducing solids to my 5 month old for the past few weeks. We started with avocado, and he has since successfully eaten bananas, sweet potatoes, and now this delicious applesauce. My first son got pre-packaged baby food from the grocery store because I was working 60 hours a week and any free moment

Gluten Free

Noodles + Zucchini = Zoodles!

My favorite obsession lately are zoodles! What are those? Naturally gluten-free, grain-free “pasta” made from zucchini. Noodles + zucchini = zoodles! Back in February, one of my birthday gifts was a spiraler. This awesome little contraption is basically an enormous pencil sharpener that turns zucchini, summer squash, carrots, potatoes, and other oblong-shaped vegetables into thin,

Gluten Free

No-Bake GF Vegan Brownies

I’m starting to question my ability to follow directions because every time I begin to make someone else’s recipe, I can’t help but go rogue and add, omit, or change amounts of ingredients. In the process, I find myself grinning in anticipation of whether it will be amazing or disgusting, like some crazy natural high!