Day 1 – Lower Your Standards

Forget a moment about needing workouts, diets, and homeschooling from a perfectly clean house. Are your basic needs being met? If you’re someone who’s used to operating at full speed to crush goals and be all the things to all the people, that’s likely not sustainable during this crazy time of quarantine. In Part 1

Change Your Inner Dialogue

Positive change begins with your inner dialogue. Be kind to yourself. Encouraging to yourself. Forgiving, grateful, and loving. When we believe the devil’s lies, we start down a dark path of doubt, fear, lack of self worth, and unhealthy patterns. If you truly want change, it has to start with your inner dialogue. The inner

My 2016 Mantra

Happy New Year! I quickly wanted to share my mantra for the year! Be patient, kind in tone & encouraging in words.  Patience is a demon I have always struggled with. God is constantly testing me on patience, and it’s my most difficult challenge to overcome! I’m also working on my tone, as sometimes my

3 Tips to Become ORGANIZED in the New Year

When people hear the word “organized” they often think of a super clean house, and while that’s certainly a small aspect of it, being organized also includes time-management, and reducing stress levels. If you feel like someone who is always going a mile a minute, overwhelmed, or that you’re always late to your appointments or

Monday Motivation: Sharing Health Online vs Reality

Ever feel like your blog or social media presence isn’t getting the viewership or growth you want? Maybe you’re a little discouraged. I have moments when it feels like I’m putting a lot of time into my blog but no one is reading it. Or that I’m “competing” with too many others that are generating similar

Fit Tip Friday: Actually, I can.

Have you ever had someone—especially a friend or family member—doubt your goals? Maybe it was just their expression, a polite concern, a condescending comment, or a flat-out laugh-in-your-face mockery of your impending failure. Maybe they didn’t even do it on purpose, but the truth is written all over them: they don’t believe you’ll meet this goal. It hurts.

Re-Igniting Motivation

I’ve been thinking about motivation a lot lately. Mostly because I’m lacking it. Do you ever have days where life feels like one big obstacle course? Maybe it’s just par for the course when you’re in the throws of raising little ones, but distracted is way too common a feeling I have right now and I

Forward Focus

I’m done wallowing in frustration and disappointment that my body failed to carry our third child. I considered writing a big, long blog post about that, but I’m not going to do it. No words exist to properly explain it to someone who has never been through it and anyone who has suffered a miscarriage

Eat Clean + Working Out = Healthy YOU

I posted this on my Instagram and Facebook pages but I feel so passionate about this message, I’m posting on here too! Trust the simple formula: eating clean + working out = healthy you. I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m seeing a craze of quick fixes & marketing BS littering my timelines. I

Little Goals Add Up!

Sometimes people let an all-or-nothing gung-ho attitude stand in their way. If they can’t go big, they go home…and sit on the couch and eat pretzels. Goals don’t have to be extreme like “I’m signing up for a half-marathon in 2 months!” when you’ve never run one mile. It’s one thing to have a larger