Over-Exercising is Stressing You Out in More Ways Than…

I often see women who take my barre class (aka leg day workout) as their warm-up or cool down to their intense spin or step classes. Or they think they still need to go run on the treadmill afterwards to “get their cardio in” because surely 55 minutes of squats, lunges, planks, core and weight

Fit Tip Friday: Try Every Class 3 Times

I’m keeping today’s tip short and simple! Try every fitness class a minimum of 3 times. The first time is to see what the class is all about; the second time is to get over your mental baggage to see what your body can really do; and the third time is to take the mental

Fit Tip Friday: Building Balance

Happy Friday guys! Today’s Fit Tip was inspired by the BodyFlow class I taught this morning. If you don’t know, BodyFlow is a hybrid of tai chi, yoga, and Pilates set to beautiful, contemporary music by artists like the Broods, Ingrid Michaelson, Maroon 5, Sia, and George Ezra to name a few featured on recent

Fit Tip Friday: Actually, I can.

Have you ever had someone—especially a friend or family member—doubt your goals? Maybe it was just their expression, a polite concern, a condescending comment, or a flat-out laugh-in-your-face mockery of your impending failure. Maybe they didn’t even do it on purpose, but the truth is written all over them: they don’t believe you’ll meet this goal. It hurts.

How to Keep Berries Fresh Longer

A few tips that have helped prolong my berries this Summer: –If I buy Driscoll’s or a packaged brand, I always cut off the cover. When the berries are enclosed together, mold will grow wherever there is trapped moisture, so let the berries breathe! –On a similar note, as soon as you get home, mix

FFF: Don’t Be Afraid of Rest Days

Happy Friday!! Today’s Fit Tip Friday was inspired by me being sick all week with some weird chest cold that’s making me sound like an 80 yr old smoker. It’s also been draining my energy and making me a bit dizzy at times, and so I’ve been—gasp!—skipping my usual workouts. And guess what? That’s okay!

Fit Tip Friday: Clean Skin Product & App Review

I went the lazy route again and made a video instead of writing—too hot to think! In today’s video I talk about two really cool apps I just learned about that will help you to evaluate the quality of ingredients in all your skin, body and hair products. As I begin my mission to take

Fit Tip Friday: Fiber & Hydration

When you increase your fiber intake, you must increase your water intake. Both types of dietary fiber — soluble and insoluble — rely on water; however, soluble fiber dissolves in water and insoluble fiber does not. Soluble Fiber Soluble fiber absorbs water to become a gel-like mass which allows it to slow down the rate