Change Your Inner Dialogue

Positive change begins with your inner dialogue. Be kind to yourself. Encouraging to yourself. Forgiving, grateful, and loving. When we believe the devil’s lies, we start down a dark path of doubt, fear, lack of self worth, and unhealthy patterns. If you truly want change, it has to start with your inner dialogue.

The inner critic seeps in and undermines all aspects of our lives, but it seems to weave a particularly dark root into our food choices. That sick cycle of thinking “I eat because I’m fat; I’m fat because I eat.” Sometimes it feels like a black hole you’ll never crawl out of.

Quick fix diet plans prey on these types of thoughts. They want you to believe the answer to happiness lies in the “soon to be lower” number on a scale. This is not true. I believe acceptance and loving yourself needs to happen at the beginning. When you’re able to quiet your inner critic, see value in yourself, be kind to yourself, and be your own cheerleader, real wellness can be achieved. When you feel in control of your thoughts, you can begin to take control of your health. The reason most quick fix diet plans don’t work, is they don’t address the more important aspects of wellness such as self-esteem, mental health, and stress management. That’s why they are only temporary fixes. What we feed ourselves and how we treat ourselves, are the main factors in whether our positive results are temporary, or lifelong.

It is my goal to help women, like you, love themselves towards healthy by providing affordable wellness programming that teaches the benefits and science behind fitness, nutrition, and stress-management in an environment that is most convenient to them. I offer online Fitcamps, personal one-on-one fitness/nutrition consulting, introduction to the gluten-free lifestyle, and an upcoming eCourse. My programs are different than all the commercial ones out there because I go beyond the fitness and nutrition, and help build up self-esteem, and encourage others to embrace God’s love for them. Whether it be virtually or in-person, I would love to help you achieve your wellness goals. Fill out the form below and begin loving yourself towards healthy!


Meridith Oram
Meridith Oram is an ACE-Certified Health Coach at Love Yourself Towards Healthy where she helps women heal their relationship with food, fitness and body image. She is also the creator of Gain Wellness, a 5-week behavioral change program to unlearn diet culture, stop negative self-talk and set wellness goals---not appearance goals. Follow Meridith at @loveyourself2healthy on all social channels.

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